Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm excited

I have just sold 3 cards & 1 magnet on Etsy to a buyer in Germany.

Sorry, I just had to share!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

I get so frustrated when ...

things don't work as they are supposed to.

I bought a glue runner thing, it has double sided adhesive in a little cassette thing, a really good idea if it would work how it should, and indeed it did work until I had to put a new cassette (refill) in and obviously I have done something wrong because the darn thing won't do what it's supposed to now.

I am totally over it ... and have contemplated throwing it across the room, but have resisted and will have another go & another go, because this thing ain't going to beat me.

Oh and here is my new card flaunt just listed on Etsy - fabulous finds of handmade goodies from every corner of the globe.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Card making for today

Just a couple of new cards today. This one is for a lady at work who is retiring this week, given that we deal with wood at work I thought it was appropriate, I'm very happy with how it turned out.
These other two I have listed for sale on madeit - a great place to buy handmade items from Australian sellers.

One for the boys & one for the girls

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Beautiful Saturday

Gorgeous day here today - the sun is shining, it's not too hot or humid, just perfect.

Today, like most days part of my extended "family" came for a visit.

The "family" is a group of butcher birds. I have been feeding them for the last couple of years. I call them my birdy boys, well obviously they are not all boys because each year we get a new baby.

This little fellow, who I call my little boy, comes nearly every day and he/she is easily recognisable as one of his talons is missing on his right foot. He is so gentle with me he can take the tiniest skerrick of meat off the tip of my finger without getting my finger in the process.

I also have a couple of magpies visit too and when they come in for their next feed I'll take some pics.

Well, I need to go and make some more cards.

Have a nice morning/afternoon/night.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Well, I've finally done it...

Created my blog, that is. I've been thinking about it for a while now and decided that it would happen tonight.

I guess I'm using this as a tool primarily to promote my online shops on Madeit & Etsy, but as I also like to talk about things in general, this seems to be the way to do it these days.

This link will take you directly to my Etsy shop

I'm having trouble with the button link for my madeit shop, so here is the long link

At both sites you will find handmade crafts from artisans around the world, it's worth while having a browse around both sites to see the diversity in quality handmade items available to you.

Well, it's all a bit of learning curve so I'll attempt to add more tomorrow.