Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Birds and the Dog

Hope Easter was kind to you all this year.

Today it was back to n0rmal and just another lovely day in paradise today weather wise.

I mentioned in an earlier post about the birds I feed, here are my visitors late this afternoon

My little boy (?) butcher bird, tucking into some steak and the photo of his feet show the claw missing, this is how I recognise him/her.

This is one of the magpies - this is Frederick, he is I think a young bird and is so named Frederick as he reminded me of Fred Astaire, very dapper in his black & white suit.

His partner Margie was not around tonight for a feed. I am hoping they have a chick this year because last year they didn't have one or it didn't survive. Frederick is Margie's new husband as her previous partner Homer was RELOCATED because he was dive bombing the local school maintenance man - never bothered any of the kids, was as gentle as a lamb with me but hated the maitenance man. Margie was heartbroken, I was heartbroken, she called for him mournfully for days, but then being a strong women she got on with her life and found herself a toyboy. Margie, you cougar, you!!!!

Anyway here is Frederick

And here's Jack, the dog

He was sound asleep with one of his favourite toys in his arms, till i woke him up with the flash from the camera

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